Lawn Mowing, Seeding and Aeration in Lewis Center, OH

Why waste your valuable time making sure your lawn looks great all summer? Let us handle the mowing, trimming, seeding and aeration. Your lawn will look great and you’ll have more free time to enjoy the summer season. Call us for any of these services:

  • Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Aerating
  • Seeding
  • Overseeding

Professional Lawn Mowing and Trimming

Our seasonal mowing service takes the drudgery out of keeping your Lewis Center lawn mowed at the proper height and keeping it that way all season long. Plus, our competitive rates mean it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Of course, we’re a little more expensive than the neighborhood kid, but… we believe you get what you pay for. We’d be happy to give you a no-obligation estimate for your lawn mowing this season. Just give us a call.

Lawn Aeration for Lewis Center

Aerating your lawn is a great way to reduce thatch, loosen up compacted soils and make it easier for water and nutrients to reach the roots of your turf. This is especially true for the common clay soils found here in Central Ohio. Even with the best care available, lawns can thin out and lose color due to excessive thatch buildup, hard or compacted soils, or periods of high temperature, high humidity, or drought. Aerating and overseeding is recognized by turf experts such as golf course superintendents as the best treatment to control thatch, reduce compaction, and help fill-in bare spots and revitalize growth.

An aeration treatment removes small cores of soil and thatch to allow air, moisture and fertilizer to penetrate down to the root zone. The cores brought to the surface contain microorganisms, which help breakdown the woody thatch tissue. This allows the roots of existing grass plants to spread out and grow deeper, creating a healthier, thicker lawn.

Overseeding Your Lawn Creates Thicker Turf

After an aeration treatment is an excellent time to overseed the lawn. We offer a combined program that includes both aeration and overseeding that will improve the overall quality and look of your lawn. Overseeding is best done in the fall when temperatures and rainfall usually provide ideal growing conditions for new seeds. Tired, worn out lawns and compacted soils are the biggest cause of thinning, weed-infested lawns. Correcting those conditions and re-seeding a lawn will do wonders to the health and appearance of your lawn and landscape.

Not Just Lawn Seeding-Slice Seeding

Sometimes, spot seeding will handle small, damaged areas. But most of the time when we see a thinning lawn it needs what is called slice seeding. This involves a very specialized piece of equipment that actually cuts a number of evenly spaced slits through the top layer of soil and at the same time plants a tiny seed at the precise planting depth for that seed. In a few weeks those newly planted seeds will start to develop and usually by the next season, your lawn will be thicker, healthier, and better looking than it has in years.