Yard Cleanup and Mulching in Lewis Center, OH

lewis center, oh landscape maintenanceWhy spend your valuable weekends rushing to get your “outdoor jobs” done before the rains come? We offer a variety of services designed to relieve you of those chores and give you back the freedom of enjoying a relaxing weekend to do whatever you want that doesn’t involve mowing, raking or trimming. Stop wasting your time. Down to Earth can handle all of your landscape maintenance including:

  • Flower Bed Mulching
  • Spring/Fall Bed Cleanup
  • Bed Weed Control
  • Pruning/Sheering

Reduce Weeds and Insulate Plants with Mulching

Mulching not only improves the appearance of your landscape beds, but is, when done properly, a major improvement in the overall health of your landscape. Mulching at the correct depth provides insulation that helps moderate swings in temperature common here in Ohio especially during the spring and fall months. Mulch also provides a protective barrier that helps cut down on the number of weeds germinating in your landscape beds. The key to good mulch is not just selecting a color that harmonizes with the rest of your landscape, but installing the mulch at the proper depth so it doesn’t harm sensitive plants. Our skilled staff understands the importance of mulch depth and goes to great extremes to make sure mulch is properly applied.

Don’t Forget to Mulch Your Trees

Installing a protective mulch bed around your trees is also good insurance against your most valuable landscape assets, your trees, from being damaged by weed-trimmers or lawn mowers that might get too close to tree’s outer protective layer. But too much mulch around a large tree can kill the tree. That’s why it is so important to apply mulch correctly. Contact us today for a mulch estimate.

Spring Yard Cleanup Services

When the first hints of warm start arriving in early spring, there seems to be a hundred different things that need to be done around home, both inside and out. We can help with some of those outdoor tasks that can be a real drudge, but once done, can make a big difference in how your lawn and landscape looks. Spring Cleaning is an outdoor service that we provide where we come in and clean up your lawn and flower beds, making certain that all those dead leaves and rubbish that has accumulated over the winter months is properly removed from your property. We pick up twigs and branches, plus the litter that has accumulated is also removed. Walkways and driveways are blown clear of accumulated dust and dried clippings. When we’re done, your property will be ready for Spring, ready to enjoy the showy colors associated with Spring’s arrival.

Fall Yard Cleanup Services

We remove those accumulated leaves that seem to have decided your property is where they want to settle down and spend the winter. Colorful leaves on the trees are one of best aspects of falls in Ohio. Leaves piled high in your lawn are not. Plus, if those leaves are left to over-winter on your lawn, you can be sure that you’ll have some repair work to do next year. As leaves begin to matt down over, they also start forming a good barrier that not only smothers the lawn and soil, but also keeps water from soaking in, and provides a nice insulating barrier for many insects that took up residence in the soil. Removing those leaves before they form a dense matt will be more beneficial to your landscape.

Pruning Shrubs and Ornamental Trees

Keeping your shrubs and ornamental trees in shape requires time and patience. We can keep your plants properly trimmed and pruned so they remain attractive throughout the growing season. Pruning will also protect trees and shrubs from dangerous snow/ice buildup in the winter and will reduce the chance of damage. We can prune your ornamental trees and bushes to thin them and remove any dead or damaged limbs and we can also sheer prune hedges to keep them a certain size and shape.