Lawn Insect Treatment Services

In Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, Galena, & Surrounding Ohio Areas

Lyme disease-causing ticks, fleas, chinch bugs, and a number of other pests can be prevented or eliminated through our professional lawn insect treatement services.

Your Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, or Galena residential property will benefit from our expert lawn insect treatment services.

We keep your yard's insect population under control with our trained and certified experts using a combination of over a decade of experience and commercial-grade applications.

We believe great lawn care is performed through a well-organized protection plan. Part of this plan is keeping the insect population of your yard under control, by implementing an expert lawn insect treatment service that uses commercial-grade applications. For over a decade, we have been providing this care to several communities in Ohio, including Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, Galena, Westerville, Dublin, and many others.

At Down to Earth Lawn Care, we are licensed and insured to perform all lawn applications, including insect control. Our experts are not allowed into the field before becoming trained and certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Common lawn pests that threaten the health of your lawn include chinch bugs, grubs, ticks, and more..

The top priority of our turf insect treatment plan includes getting rid of chinch bugs, grubs, fleas, ticks, and more. These common pests pose a threat to your yard and your family and can transmit a combination of diseases and allergies to pets and people.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs attack your grass as the weather begins to warm. They release damaging toxins as they feed on your lawns roots, which is the reason for the yellow or brown patches they leave in their wake.


Ticks are the most active during the early spring through the summer or early fall. They can lead to multiple diseases, including Lyme disease, which can be medically serious. If your property has many shaded or wooded areas, be wary of the presence of ticks. A preventative treatment, even if you have not seen ticks, is important to keep these areas of your property tick free!

Flea and tick treatments are exclusive lawn insect treatments available to our lawn program customers only! Ask about becoming part of our lawn care program today!

Our top priority, when it comes to eliminating yard pests, is to protect your family, pets, and yard. Your pets can be easily harmed or carry diseases if left exposed to fleas or ticks. This can pose a problem for your family as well because your pets can bring the pests indoors.


Grubs attack and kill a number of grasses, including Zoysia, Buffalo, Bermuda, and St. Augustine. If you lift up the top layer of your turf and find white, larva type pests, your grass is home to grubs. Homeowners will find grubs problematic during summer and fall. The only way to treat your grass and keep it healthy is by investing in insect treatment for your entire yard.


Fleas can cause health issues that include anemia, blood loss, and tapeworms. Like Ticks, fleas prefer cool, shady areas and typically avoid the sunny patches of your property. You can find fleas frequently near shrubs, leaves, and trees.

If you think you may have a flea infestation and you have pets, check the areas where your pets spend the most time digging, laying, or sleeping in the yard.

Contact us for a consultation, estimate, and assessment of your property by our team.

With over a decade of experience in all areas of professional lawn care, our team can assess and treat your property in no time. Additionally, we provide service reminders when your next insect treatment application is due, so your turf will always be covered!

If your residence is in or around Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, or Galena give us a call today at (614) 839-0584 to set up a free consultation and estimate on your insect control treatments!


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