Lawn Fungus & Disease Services

In Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, Galena, & Surrounding Ohio Areas

Fungi such as Leaf Spot, Brown Patch, and Dollar Spot are a few of the lawn diseases we commonly administer treatment for with our fungus and disease control services.

Treating lawns in the Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, and Galena areas for diseases and fungus problems.

From Leaf Spot to Brown Patch, our professional, uniformed experts can assess your turf, determining the disease, and administer the necessary treatment.

There are a large variety of diseases that can cause harm to your lawn. Our experts can review and assess your grass to determine the cause of your problems, whether it is from a disease like Leaf Spot or from Brown Patch. This also helps us provide a treatment to administer, that will rid your turf of the issues.

We provide fungus and disease control throughout the Ohio communities of Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, and Galena with professional and uniformed team members!

Lawn Diseases and Fungus Most Commonly Found in Ohio

The first step towards getting the grass on your property to a healthy status is to determine exactly what you are dealing with. Some of the most common lawn diseases or fungi that can be found in Ohio are:

  • Leaf Spot This disease is common during late spring into early summer. It can be found most commonly in turfs that hold a lot of moisture. Leaf Spot creates small brown spots on individual grass blades. You should treat Leaf Spot quickly to wipe out this lawn disease.
  • Dollar Spot – Dollar spot is common during humid weather and found on closely cut Kentucky bluegrass. Dollar Spot thrives in warm, wet weather, and on grass with low levels of nitrogen. It creates brown or straw-colored spots that can merge and form into larger patches.
  • Brown Patch – Brown Patch attacks a wide variety of grass types. This summertime disease is most active during high humidity with temperatures of 80-85 ° F. Brown Patch needs to be treated immediately to prevent it from spreading across the turf.
  • Summer Patch DiseaseThis disease is common on lawns of Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescues and invades the roots of the grass during mid-summer. Summer Patch thrives during high temperatures of 82°F or hotter and is more common in areas of high foot traffic, poor drainage, and poor air circulation.

Your Lawn Treatments will be Tailored to the Specific Disease or Fungus we are Trying to Decrease or Eliminate.

Changing the way your lawn care is applied during the seasons can lessen or eliminate lawn disease. Fungicides are an option that also helps in treating some diseases, such as Summer Patch. Many diseases can be treated by changing the ratio of nutrients in your fertilizer, using slow-release fertilizers instead of fast-release, and practicing proper irrigation.

  • Our professional team will assess your grass to determine the type of treatment option that will help get your lawn healthy and disease-free. We can make changes to your lawn care routine that will help keep lawn diseases and fungus away!

Call for a free lawn fungus and disease consultation.

At Down to Earth Lawn Care, we are experienced with all of the lawn diseases common to the greater area of Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, and Galena, OH. Call us at (614) 839-0584 and talk to us about your fungus and lawn disease control needs! We can schedule a free consultation and work up a plan to get your grass back to the lush, healthy, green turf it was before.


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