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Grubs that have been found under a patch of lawn.

Grub Control Services In Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, Galena, & Surrounding Ohio Areas

Eliminate lawn damage caused by grubs with our professional grub control services for our residential customers.

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Our professional grub control services for customers in Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, and Galena areas will ensure your lawns root system stays healthy all season.

The experienced professionals of Down to Earth Lawn Care are equipped with the tools needed to stop the infestation of grubs that are causing dead patches in your grass.

Grubs can be a real problem for your property if you are trying to grow grass that has strong, healthy roots. An infestation of grubs will cause patches of dead or dying grass that is unsightly.

Our experienced professionals are armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to eradicate your grub invasion. If you are a resident anywhere in the greater Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, and Galena area, we can provide our professional grub control services for your residential lawn.

A residential lawn in Lewis Center, OH that has extreme damage from a grub infestation.

What are grubs and how do they affect the grass in your yard.

Grubs are simply immature forms of a variety of beetles, such as the:

  • Japanese Beetle
  • June Beetle
  • European Chafers

Eventually, the grubs grow into their adult beetle forms, emerge, reproduce, and the cycle of the grub begins again. What does this mean for your yard? Grubs in an overwhelming population will have detrimental effects on your grass. Grubs destroy your lawn by feeding on the roots of your grass blades, which leads to dead, brown, or yellowing patches in your lawn.

If you begin to notice brown patches in the lawn during the late summer or fall months, a grub infestation may be the cause.

Considerations For Grub Control Treatment & Prevention

When it comes to treating your property for grubs, there are considerations that our professionals keep in mind, pertaining to both the actual treatment of the grub problem and toward preventative measures.

When it comes to treatment, peak feeding time for grubs is in the late summer and early fall. During this time, a reactive grub treatment will be most effective. The best time to apply a grub preventative is late May through July. Preventative grub control is the best solution for grubs because it stops them before they become an issue.

Once we treat your lawn for grubs, we recommend seeding any dead patches that were damaged by the grubs.

Get a free lawn inspection to see if you are experiencing problems with grubs.

Whether you are experiencing grub problems or other pest control issues, we can handle it for you in a professional and efficient manner.

Call us today at (614) 839-0584 to schedule a hassle-free lawn inspection if you live within the communities of Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, Galena, or surrounding areas. Customer satisfaction is our number one concern!

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