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Beware of Central Ohio Lawn Diseases

Besides turf-damaging insects, lawn diseases can also cause problems. Lawn diseases are usually the result of a combination of factors coming together at the same time to allow the disease to take hold of the turf-grass plant. Although treatment for lawn diseases is possible, it is not always advised as many turf diseases will correct themselves as soon as conditions improve.

Lawn diseases are most often the result of the right conditions combining with the right time of year. Usually a lawn disease does not need to be treated (there are a few exceptions) but the conditions causing the disease should be addressed as soon as possible.

Snowmold Snowmold is most common to Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescues. Appears more often when we’ve had a winter when snow remains on the lawn for an extended period of time. The best prevention for snowmold is to aerate often. Improving water drainage, raking leaves off lawn’s surface, and follow a fertilization schedule to help prevent over-fertilization in the late-fall can also help.
Dollar Spot Dollar spot is common to closely cut Kentucky Bluegrass during humid weather conditions. The disease gets its name from the small silver dollar-like shapes. Usually looks brown or straw-colored in appearance. The spots may merge to form large patches several feet wide


Dollar spot is most common during warm, wet weather with...

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