Landscaping and Garden Tips & Suggestions

Beware of Central Ohio Lawn Diseases

Besides turf-damaging insects, lawn diseases can also cause problems. Lawn diseases are usually the result of a combination of factors coming together at the same time to allow the disease to take hold of the turf-grass plant. Although treatment for lawn diseases is possible, it is not always advised as many turf diseases will correct … Continue reading Beware of Central Ohio Lawn Diseases

Watering tips for Central Ohio lawns

Usually here in Central Ohio we have plenty of rainfall to keep a lawn in good condition. However, there are times when rainfall becomes erratic and your lawn can turn brown without providing supplemental watering. Our lawns require about 1″ of water per week before they start going into dormancy. Obviously, if your lawn doesn’t … Continue reading Watering tips for Central Ohio lawns

Lewis Center Mowing Tips

Great lawns don’t just grow, they have to be cut regularly. If you mow your own lawn, you should know that how you cut your lawn plays a big part in the health and appearance of your lawn. Don’t just assume that because you’ve been doing it this way for years and years, that you’re … Continue reading Lewis Center Mowing Tips

Identifying Problem Ohio Lawn Insects

Many insects are beneficial to the turf in that they aid in the decomposition of organic matter, improve soil structure and soil aeration and some are predators of other, more harmful organisms. Nonetheless, many insects present problems for the homeowner and care should be taken to monitor their activities before they cause extensive damage. Here … Continue reading Identifying Problem Ohio Lawn Insects