Lawn Aeration Services

In Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, Galena, & Surrounding Ohio Areas

The health of your lawn will improve because the lawns roots will receive more sunlight, water, and nutrients when aeration services are preformed  at your residential property.

Residential homeowners in Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, and Galena, OH can benefit from our lawn aeration services.

Through aeration, your lawn will be able to absorb more nutrients and water giving your turf everything it needs when growth starts in the spring.

Lawn aeration is a service that is more important than most people realize! This is because it helps reduce compaction of your soil while allowing it to better absorb water and nutrients. Additionally, aeration is a great way to give your turf an extra boost towards growth in the spring. Our aeration services are available to all residents of the communities in and around Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, and Galena, OH.

What is lawn aeration and why should it be done?

Lawn aeration is the process of pulling plugs creating small holes in the lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots. It is recommended that lawn aeration be done every year, especially if the lawn is heavily used. Aerating a lawn helps to improve drainage, thicken the turf, and reduce thatch build-up. It also helps to loosen compacted clay soil.

Reasons for Having Your Yard Aerated

Aerating your yard provides a variety of benefits for your turf. Here are the top 3 reasons you should aerate your lawn:

  1. Nutrients are better absorbed into the grassroots, which creates a thicker, greener, healthier lawn.
  2. Thatch is reduced. If thatch is present in your yard, it can thicken into a mat that prevents moisture from getting down deep and can promote a breeding ground for lawn disease and pests.
  3. Removes soil compaction. As time goes on, the dirt in your lawn becomes compacted from things like rain and foot traffic. When the soil is compacted, nutrients cannot reach the roots of your grass. Aeration breaks up this compacted soil.

What can customers expect with lawn aeration service?

In regions where cool-season grasses are prevalent, fall is typically the optimal growing season. This is why we offer our aerating services during this time. With regards to what happens with your aeration service, you can expect the following:

  • First, we use top-of-the-line commercial aerators to make multiple passes over your turf.
  • Next, we allow the plugs removed from the ground to be broken up over the next few regular mowing sessions to deposit nutrients back into the lawn.
  • Finally, we make sure regular routines of mowing, fertilization, and lawn care are performed as usual. Aerating does not disrupt any other regular services you have from us!

The best time to aerate your lawn is during the fall months when the root system is growing the most.

Get more information about our aeration services.

For over a decade, our professionally trained team has been providing aeration services to the surrounding communities of Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, and Galena, OH. We are easily recognizable, because you will see our uniformed men and wrapped trucks when we are in the neighborhood. Reach out to us at (614) 839-0584 to find out more about aeration services for your lawn today!

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