About Down to Earth Lawn Care in Lewis Center, OH

ohio-home-2Beautiful, healthy lawns really set off everything about your home and landscape. Down to Earth provides a complete line of quality lawn services that will keep your lawn in the best shape possible. We are a family owned business and we’ve been creating beautiful lawns in Lewis Center, Ohio and surrounding areas since 2007. Achieving that quality lawn does require a little extra effort and expense compared with doing it yourself, but the results are well worth those efforts.

Personal Service Sets Down to Earth Apart from Other Lawn Care Companies

Our owner, Al, has years of experience working for the big, corporate lawn care companies and while he learned a lot in that time, the most important thing he learned was that personal service is the key to happy customers. That’s why he started Down to Earth Lawn Care. “Once you get too big, you just can’t serve your customers they way I want to,” Al says. “Our goal isn’t to be the biggest lawn care company in Lewis Center…just the best.”

We Give Great Lawn Care Advice

We have found that most of our customers appreciate the great lawn care advice we give them. Because we are local and personal, we get to know your lawn in depth. Whether you have thin grass, bare spots, grubs, weeds, insects, or disease, we can work with you to get your lawn looking great. Good communication is half the battle with keeping customers happy. When you have expectations and those expectations are met, you’re a happy customer. It’s that simple.

Quality Products Mean Great Results

At Down to Earth, we believe you get what you pay for. We use only the best, proven products. Products that we know from experience work. Our goal is results. We know you want a beautiful lawn as quickly as you can get it. For our team at Down to Earth, failure simply isn’t an option. We will work with you to get your lawn looking lush, green, and weed free.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal

The way we look at it, we’re in this together. Our goal is an incredible, weed-free, lush, green, healthy lawn. If you ever have a problem with your lawn or think that something isn’t right, don’t hesitate to call. If you’re not satisfied with any of our treatments we’ll re-treat at no additional cost. Our goal is 100% satisfaction. Failure is not an option.

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